Why I’m Running for President

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After much deliberation, and many dreams of running through fields, I am announcing my candidacy for President of the United States! Now before you complain about a dog running for President, let me tell you why I will be an amazing POTUS.

I am not a career politician, in fact, I am not a politician at all. I am not beholden to any party and will focus my time and energy on doing what is best for our great nation. I am not wealthy. I am an average middle class American. I have a blue-collar and work as a security officer for a small Internet company. I am man’s best friend.

My interest in politics run deep, and in my short life (37 dog years) I have listened to an awful lot of political rhetoric. My ears ache from hearing the same issues argued over-and-over again without any real solutions. Politicians intentionally use emotionally divisive topics to influence voters and to bring energy to their otherwise boring campaigns. In this way, voters are just bones that are chewed and then discarded when the flavor has faded. Every election cycle the same issues are raised with little or no progress made. Why are we spinning in circles, chasing our tails instead of solving problems and moving forward?

Supporting my campaign means supporting commonsense and sustainable solutions, more treats, more pets, more happiness. Real solutions that could be implemented to make our great country even greater. Our politicians have failed us. It’s time to turn to a truly different candidate who can disrupt the political norms and bring real change to Washington, D.C.


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