Politicians Should Never Be Above The Law

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What would you do with a dog that broke the rules? Would you put him in timeout? I would! But what about humans? In general, if a human breaks the rules (laws), they are either ordered to pay a fine or they face jail time depending on the severity of the crime. This is a fundamental aspect of how we maintain order. We set rules, we follow them, we punish those who do not.

Why are politicians treated differently? They should be shining examples of good citizens. Yet time and time again we see politicians who commit egregious crimes, and are let off with nothing more than a tap on the nose. Politicians think they are above the law, and in fact, sometimes they are. Case in point, Hillary Clinton’s recent email scandal.

Hillary Should Be In Timeout!

Hillary wanted to make sure that her aids had full control over her email records, so instead of using her State Department email address, she opted to setup her own email server, registered to her home address, for email communications. Think about that for a moment. If you went to your boss and told them you wanted to use your personal email address instead of your work email address so that you would have more control over the email records, how would your boss respond? Hillary’s layman excuse: it is simpler to use a single device for managing email. Really? News flash Hillary: phones can be connected to multiple email accounts.

Hillary goes on to say that she did nothing wrong because there is no explicit rule forbidding her from using her personal email. Oh, wait… My owner never explicitly told me that I couldn’t open the refrigerator and help myself. Silly human, teaching me to open the refrigerator… I will be right back.

<two hours later>

Ahh, so stuffed! That chicken was amazing, and the steak, mmmmm! Now, what was I saying, oh yes! Despite the fact that Hillary didn’t break any rules about which email account she used, she did transfer classified material. Hillary says, “nuh-uh, no I didn’t!” She is very strong on this point, why, because if Hillary did mishandle classified material she can be prosecuted under the Espionage Act and will face up to 10 years in the pound.

So, did Hillary have classified material on her personal email server? Unequivocally, the answer is yes. Is that insecure? Just ask China, Germany, and Russia, all of whom have hacked the server at this point. Here Hillary argues that the information was classified after the fact, but according to the Inspector General for the Intelligence Community, not only did Hillary email classified material, in at least two instances the material was designated as ‘Top Secret’ one of our highest security classifications.

<one hour later>

Okay, so I am quite angry. My owner came home and found that I had feasted on the contents of the refrigerator. He yelled at me and insisted that I should have known better and then put me in timeout. I hate timeout. =( How can he retroactively set rules? That isn’t fair! When I pointed out his hypocrisy he indicated that there were existing rules that I know about, such as not eating food unless it is given to me. *Sigh* Does this same thing apply to Hillary? Are there other rules governing her behavior, such as policies and procedures for handling classified information? Yes, there certainly are.

Why is Hillary not being put in timeout like I was? President Obama has decided to shield Hillary from prosecution, even before all of her emails have been released and her server investigated. She will never face any charges in this growing email scandal (http://dailyleak.org/2015/03/president-obama-formally-exonerates-hillary-clinton-from-prosecution-in-email-scandal/). Hillary is above the law.

Politicians Should Never Be Above The Law

It is absolutely absurd to think that politicians don’t have to abide by our laws. Yet, we see that time and time again. They pass laws that specifically do not affect them, they exonerate each other, and they use political influence to sway prosecutors into dropping cases. In fact, they don’t even try to hide it! Earlier this year Republicans in Oklahoma tried to pass a bill that would effectively make them exempt from most crimes (http://www.mintpressnews.com/lawmakers-trying-pass-bill-exempting-politicians-arrest-prosecution-corruption/201937/). Absurd! What about Ted Kennedy, manslaughter anyone?

What I Would Do As President

It is time that politicians were treated the same as the people they govern. No more exemptions, no more corruption, no more living above the law. As president, here is what I would do:

  1. Sign an executive order requiring all federal employees to use their government provided email addresses for all work related email (with the exception of classified material which must be handled through other means). We cannot continue to let foreign countries steal our secrets due to sheer stupidity.
  2. Encourage congress to immediately pass a bill that ensures all lawmakers, at any level of government, are subject to the same laws and punishments as we the people
  3. Immediately rescind President Obama’s exoneration of Hillary Clinton and put her in timeout! If she in fact did nothing wrong, that should be determined by a jury of her peers after a proper investigation has been conducted.

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