Get to know Codec

Codec was born to a middle class family in Nevada and is at least a fourth generation American. As the runt of his litter, Codec knew what it was to want. He constantly had to compete with his seven siblings for the food and attention of his parents. Codec knew he was small, but he later learned of an even bigger and more glaring disadvantage.

Codec was a ‘red.’ A Golden Retriever with red hair as opposed to light gold is considered to be undesirable by many. When it came time for his brothers and sisters to leave home and begin lives of their own, Codec was left behind. His physical disability made others shy away in favor of gold or cream colored puppies.

Just when Codec thought he was out of options, a decision was made to offer him at a discount price in a last attempt to help him move away from home and avoid homelessness. Codec did eventually find his way into the world, though he did endure much teasing and jeering by his adolescence peers who often addressed him only as “discount puppy.”

After leaving his parents, Codec pursued an independent study of obedience. He went on to master more than twenty-five different commands both verbally and with hand signals, as well as Spanish. Codec is most proud of the unconventional tricks he has mastered, such as carrying in groceries and putting down the toilet seat!

Codec is not a career politician. He is an average American who works a full-time job as a security officer for a small business. He enjoys long walks, hiking, and, most of all, swimming. Codec’s favorite color is red, though he says he is also partial to white and blue.

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