My Position

  • We must protect our territory with fences as well as technology
  • The incentives encouraging illegal immigration must be removed
  • Birthright citizenship must come to an end
  • Illegal immigrants must have a path to citizenship that includes making amends for breaking our laws
  • The immigration process must be made faster and easier

My Thoughts

Securing Our Territory

I don’t understand why humans have such a hard time with this. Claiming territory is easy! I walk the perimeter of my yard each day and reaffirm my alpha status by marking what is mine. Other dogs respect what is mine and stay away.

While I know how to protect my own territory, I also know what it is like to illegally immigrate. As a puppy, I was constantly finding ways to immigrate to the neighbor’s yard or elsewhere. My human spent a fair amount of time and money trying to prevent these activities, and through trial and error, we found a solution, one that could also work for the U.S.

The funny thing about fences is that they can be jumped or climbed. Making a fence tall and eliminating paw-holds makes them much more difficult to scale. In my case, a 6 ft. wood fence is too much for me to overcome. For a human, a larger fence would be needed and one made of a material that prevents people simply cutting their way through.

I love to dig! My human doesn’t appreciate my enthusiasm so much. That said, I have spent many hours digging under fences. After a time, my human concocted a devious plan to prevent my digging, he extended the depth of the fence so I would have to dig a much bigger hole to get under it, and then lined it with rock that makes digging impractical. The same can be done at the border.

Now, I am a bit ashamed to say, but I still found ways to adventure over the border into the neighbor’s yard. It was then that I was introduced to a new technology, the radio fence. This nefarious device is a collar worn around the neck and when I would get too close to the edge of my yard, it would shock me! I hate this thing, but it works and I don’t attempt escape any longer. While it is impractical and inhumane to place a shock collar on all potential illegal immigrants, an electric fence or other deterrent technology could work well. Additionally, technology can be used to detect when illegal immigration occurs such as infrared cameras and drones.

Removing Incentives

What has helped deter my trips to the neighbor’s more than anything was them getting rid of their dog. Before, I wanted to go visit and play all the time! Now that the dog is gone, their yard is boring and I see little point in visiting. The same can work for the U.S. illegal immigration issue.

We need to remove the incentives for people coming to the U.S. If a strange dog intrudes in my house I will look at him suspiciously and defend my territory. I won’t feed him, give him toys, and share my treats. He is an intruder, an uninvited guest and he will be treated as such. Why is it that the U.S. government gives its intruders government benefits, driver’s licenses, and sanctuary cities? This doesn’t make sense. These benefits need to be stripped and cities that choose to blatantly ignore federal law by declaring themselves sanctuary cities should have their federal funding reduced or eliminated. It is important to remember that these intruders are criminals. They have broken our laws to get here.

Lastly, employers that are hiring illegal employees and paying them ‘off the books’ need to be dealt with swiftly and harshly. These employers not only hurt the U.S. by circumventing federal taxes, in some cases they hurt the employee by paying under minimum wage.

Birthright Citizenship

If a girl is in my house when she has her puppies, she will be taking them home with her. While I will show compassion and kindness to the new puppies, they are not mine and it is not my responsibility to share my food, treats, and toys with them. The same should be true for children born to people who have illegally immigrated to our country. The 14th amendment was intended to ensure that the children of the recently freed slaves became citizens, not all children that just happened to be born on our soil.

A Path To Citizenship

According to the Pew Research Center, as of 2014, there were 11.3 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. Donald Trump and others have proposed deporting all of these people. That is an enormous endeavor that would not only be costly, but would likely prove to be impossible.

In reality, most illegal immigrants are good people. They give belly rubs, share treats, and enjoy playing with me just as much as American citizens. Why should we turn them away? It would be immoral and inhumane to do so, especially when some of these immigrants have children that are U.S. citizens. So what do we do?

Simply put, we cease the deportation of non-violent illegal immigrants currently residing within the U.S. We then implement a process through which illegal immigrants living in the U.S. can quickly and easily obtain citizenship. Like immigrants who immigrate legally, illegal immigrants will swear the Oath of Allegiance and be formally recognized as naturalized citizens with the same restrictions as other legal immigrants.

Where my plan differs from amnesty is that illegal immigrants must make amends for breaking our immigration laws and for the strain they place on our economy. The cost of filing for legal immigration to the U.S. is $465 which helps cover our administrative costs. This same fee should be paid by illegal immigrants plus an additional fine to compensate the American people for their crime. In cases where these costs are not practical for families, payment plans should be established. After a reasonable period of time that would allow for all illegal immigrants to apply for citizenship, we again begin deportation of any people who have recently immigrated illegally.

Allowing these immigrants to stay in the U.S. is the humane thing to do and it will further strengthen our country, but we cannot simply ignore the fact that these individuals violated our immigration laws and must make some sort of amends. They need to understand and respect our laws just as our citizens do.

Fixing Immigration

I learned how to share at a very young age, as I am sure most of you did. We have the most amazing country in the world, and to the extent possible, we should share it with others. The immigration process to come to the U.S. can be very costly and time consuming. It may take immigrants years to obtain approval and something as simple as a missing document may prevent their immigration all together. It is understandable that there needs to be a controlled immigration process, but we need to work to make it more streamlined, especially in cases where immigrants already have family in our country. If we can simply the immigration process, we can reduce the incentive for people to skirt that process and simply immigrate illegally.

The Plan

  1. Secure the border with a fence that is large enough it cannot be climbed and has protections against digging. Employ additional technology at the border to detect illegal immigration and respond accordingly.
  2. Eliminate sanctuary cities, driver’s licenses for illegals, and all government benefits paid out to people who are here illegally. Further, severely punish businesses that are employing illegals ‘off the books.’
  3. End birthright citizenship.
  4. Cease the deportation of illegal immigrants currently in the U.S.
  5. Create a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants currently established the U.S. that includes the payment of a fine as amends for breaking our laws.
  6. Streamline the current immigration process, making it cheaper and faster for people to immigrate to our country legally.



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