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Political campaigns suck. Dog-gone politicians drone on endlessly about things that don’t matter until my ears ache. My campaign addresses the hard issues with humor and commonsense.

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Campaigns are tiring, and I need at least 14 hours of sleep! Volunteers would be great to help manage the campaign, fetch treats, and… belly rubs, lots and lots of belly rubs!

My Mission

Why has a dog gotten involved in U.S. politics? Why did the chicken cross the road? My mission is to encourage discussion on commonsense solutions to our nation’s problems. Plus, I had an itch to scratch.

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Running a campaign is ruff! Help out by volunteering your time.

Top Issues


Illegal immigration is a major issue that we must address humanely and morally. It is not practical nor acceptable to deport large groups of people; instead, we need to create a path to citizenship that recognizes these people broke our laws. Before that can happen, we need to secure our borders to prevent further illegal immigration and we need to work on reforming the immigration process.

Gay Rights

The right for gays to marry was finally settled in 2015 when the Supreme Court ruled that same sex couples can wed. Why are we still talking about this? Simply put, people continue to discriminate against members of the LGBTQ because they are different. We need to get past our discrimination and embrace these people and their rights as Americans. The world is a happier place with gay marriage.


The amount you pay in taxes directly correlates to the number of treats and toys you can buy for man’s best friend. Our current tax system is cumbersome and is constructed to benefit special interests. Its complex rules allow for fraud and permit people to pay less than their fair share. We need a tax plan that works for the taxpayer and puts the people first. We need the People’s Tax.

Why Choose Me?


I am not a career politician, in fact, I am not a politician at all. I am not beholden to any party and will focus my time and energy on doing what is best for our great nation. I am not wealthy. I have a blue-collar and work as a security officer. I am man’s best friend.


I am as loyal as they come, but unlike other politicians, I am loyal to my family and friends not to big donors and lobbyists. I will be a friend and a loyal leader to the American people, keeping their interests and well-being first. Plus, I will even share my treats.


Could you leave a plate of food on your coffee table without it being eaten? How about your french fries at a restaurant? With me, your food will remain untouched. I know what it means to be trusted and I will not violate that honor. Can you say the same for your girlfriend/boyfriend?

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